Bridge Program -Bridging the gap to private practice

This six-module program commences of the 5th of April 2018 and will run every first Thursday evening of the month. By limiting the registrations to 20 delegates, the smaller group will experience evenings that are focused on practical, hands-on workshops that are interactive and informative. Creating an environment of interaction and open discussions that will equip the young dentist with techniques they can implement in their surgeries straight away.

An overview:

The six modular programs will incorporate the most important aspects that all new graduates will need to make a success of private practice. This will include both the business and practice of dentistry.

Module 1 – Your first patient

Module 2 – The business of dentistry

Module 3 – Simple Posterior direct restorations

Module 4 – Aesthetic Anterior direct restorations

Module 5 – Conservative Posterior ceramic restorations

Module 6 – Beautiful Anterior ceramic restorations